Thursday, September 14, 2006

An In-Depth Look at Steroid Use on the PGA Tour

I was reading an on-line article by Ron Kroichick in the San Francisco Chronicle the other day on the whole golf/steroids scandal. In the article, Kroichick lambasted PGA Tour Commissioner, Tim Finchem for saying the PGA does not plan to drug test golfers. Kroinchick takes exception to this, saying:

Baseball is awash in tainted home-run hitters over the past decade, the NFL might strengthen its testing program in the wake of the Carolina steroids scandal, track and field is littered with fallen stars and the winner of the Tour's premier race, tested positive.

And later in the article he states:

Many, many athletes use performance-enhancing drugs.

Those athletes come from a wide variety of sports.

Fame and wealth are powerful lures.

I couldn't agree more. Steroid use is obviously rampent on the PGA Tour. Let's examine the proof. I have here before and after pictures of the top five golfers in the world.

While the images speak for themselves (and prove the point that the PGA Tour must begin testing immediately) I can't help but add my comments:

First Case - Tiger Woods

Tiger woods before taking steroids responds to a little boy who asked for his autograph.

Tiger woods after taking Steroids reacts to a little boy who asked for his autograph.

Second Case Jim Furyk

Jim Furyk before taking steroids. An easy going smile. A nice man without a care in the world.

Jim Furyk after taking steroids. Notice the hate and anger as he charges into the gallary to punch a photographer for snapping a shot in the middle of his backswing. An obvious response from someone who cannot control himself due to the extended use of steroids.

Third Case - Phil Mickelson

Phil Mickelson before steroids. A nice slim handsome man.

Phil Mickelson after steroids. Notice the extra bulk. That came from somewhere!!!

Fourth Case - Vijay Singh

Vijay Singh before Steroids. A nice manner, in control of his emotions. Smiling and laughing with the gallery.

Vijay Singh After Steroids. Unable to control his emotions due to excessive use of performace enhancing drugs, Vijay finally breaks down.

And, I present to you the most compelling evidence that steroid use is out of control on the PGA tour, especially among the younger players...

Fifth Case - Adam Scott

Adam Scott in a photo montage of his swing, prior to steroid use.

Adam Scott bulked up on steroids.

Need I say more?




C F said...

Nice blog enjoyed it!!

Keep up the excellent work!

Rob said...

Thanks CF, I appreciate the comments.

Anonymous said...

What about John Daly? That's not fat; it's muscle!!!

Rob said...

Too true! I was only focusing on the top 5 players based on their world rankings. But you bring up a good point - Steroid use obviously permeates all levels of the PGA.

Big jim said...

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david butler said...

There is no doubt Tiger Woods uses, or has used steroids. I'm a doctor and can spot a steroid user a mile away. Tiger went to Canada, of all places, to see this steroid specialist. He didn't think anyone would find out. He didn't think all of his affairs would be found out. This guy isn't too bright. If you cheat in life, you will cheat at golf. A few years ago Tiger had about 10 guys move a big rock so he could hit his golf shot. It doesn't take 10 guys to move a "loose impediment" Who knows what he is doing to his golf ball when he is back in the trees! Tim Finchem doesn't want golfers tested for steroids because there is too much money for him in golf. Sure Tiger is a good golfer, he's got 14 majors, but who did he beat? Jack Nicklaus had to beat the likes of Johnny Miller, Tom Watson, Lee Trevino, Billy Casper, Arnold Palmer, Gary Player, Hale Irwin, Hubert Green, Greg Norman, Seve Ballesteros, Bernard Langer, Sam Snead. The list goes on and on, I'm running out of cyberspace. These guys could have given Tiger one a side and beat him in their prime. We haven't heard the last of this Tiger Woods mess. Cheating on his wife are the least of his problems. He wants everyone to consentrate on that problem so they won't think of the REAL problem, STEROID USE! We'll just have to wait and see. Karma has a way of getting even. Respectfully,David Butler

sandman said...

What exactly are these pictures suppose to prove...

sandman said...

What exactly are the pictures suppose to prove? Your blog looks like the front page of the Enquirer...