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Monday, November 07, 2011

New Poll Reveals LPGA More Popular Than PGA

Surprise findings in a new poll conducted by the Bad Golf Blog show that the LPGA tour is more popular than the PGA tour. Also revieled in the poll is that Yani Tseng is the most popular player on the LPGA tour. According to the poll The Children’s Course ( located in Gladstone, Oregon is the best golf course in the world and the most popular male golfer is Yu Daddi.

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Tuesday, October 25, 2011

The Best Golf Tip a Bad Golfer Will Ever Get

I’m hesitant to do this because I know my buddy Craig reads this blog. For years he and I have been racing each other to be the first one to break 100. Imagine, then, how difficult it was at the beginning of this year when we played a quick nine after work (ok, at our skill level there’s really no such thing as a “quick nine” but we try).  At the end of nine we were both below 50. We were on the rode our elusive sub-100 rounds.  But we’d told our wives we were only playing nine and it was the first or second round of the year so we didn’t want to push our luck. We just had to pack it in with visions of future rounds in our heads. This year I did manage to break 100 four times. But Craig didn’t. So, I’m hesitant to give out this tip, because I’ll be giving Craig my secret and it’s just so much fun to tease him. But this is the Bad Golf blog, the blog all about bad golfers and we need to stick together. So, without further ado, and at the risk of helping Craig with his golf game, here it is: The best golf tip a bad golfer will ever get.

Oh, wait; there is more ado.

The reason I believe this is the best golf tip a bad golfer will ever get is this: I’ve been trying to break 100 for over fifteen years. I’ve had friends break 100 the first year they started playing. I’ve worked on my grip, tempo, alignment, pre-swing routine, and relaxing. I’ve tried new clubs, multiple swing thoughts, and psychological tricks. I've focused practicing my short game and putting. I’ve tried “playing smart” and once, I even tracked down a Golf Magazine top 100 teacher and took a lesson with him out at Pumpkin Ridge. And even with all that, the 100 mark remained as unobtainable as a straight answer from a politician. But this year I found it. I found the one thing to take me to the next level and I’m confident next year it will help me go even lower. That is why I'm declaring this the best golf tip a bad golfer will ever get. Because I've tried everything and this one simple tip is the one that did it. 

Ok, seriously, that's enough ado, now here's the tip:

A Good Finish
I stumbled across this tip by accident. My six year old daughter took lessons this year. I watched her swing progress and was very impressed with how quickly she improved. One thing I noticed was that the instructor really emphasized the finish. Whenever she’d hit, no matter what the outcome of the shot was, a topped ball that dribbled a few feet in front of her, or a ball blasted 80 yards down the fairway, she would always get to a good finish and hold it. Her instructor didn't teach her anything about the grip, tempo, alignment, relaxing, or happy rainbow unicorn swing thoughts. Nope. The emphasis was always on one thing and one thing only -- the finish. 

The Results of a Good Finish
This made sense to me. If you finish off balance there’s no way you made a good swing. So I started focusing on my finish. My swing thought was simple: “Back slow” as I started my swing (I tend to over swing), “good finish” as I swung down.  I noticed an immediate difference. When I finished in balance the odds of me hitting a good shot went way up; when I finished out of balance the odds of me hitting a good shot went way down. Focusing on my finish taught me a great deal about every shot. If I slid easily into the finish it was probably a good shot. If I was off balance to the left I probably sliced it. If I finished off balance backwards or forwards I probably topped it. Focusing on the finish and getting my balance down so I was finishing good made a huge difference. My consistence went way up, my scores went down. Suddenly, instead of hitting about 50% with my 7 iron I was about 80% and I was money with my 9 iron and pitching wedge. The next time I got on a course, boom, sub-100 was mine.

So there you have it -- my big tip. If you've tried “everything” and you're still suck, try focusing on a good balanced finish. It's working for my daughter; it worked for me; I hope it works for you as well (well, not you, Craig).


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Monday, October 24, 2011

Sunday, October 23, 2011


There’s one name in golf that never fails to bring out the adolescent in me and that’s Dick’s. Every time I hear it referenced I chuckle a little.  Every time I drive to the mall and see it on the top of the building in 10 foot high letters: DICK’S I grin. I’m stupid that way. But I’ll bet half of you reading this, when you saw the title of the post, thought something similar.

Have you ever been to a Dick’s? I went three times this year and every time I had a similar experience. What I found is Dick’s is not just a name, it’s an attitude. The first time I went to a Dick’s I was with my daughter. We were looking to buy her first set of clubs. We saw two sales people sitting behind a counter looking at a computer screen. When we approached the counter we were promptly ignored. When I finally broke the cold shoulder and asked where the kids clubs were the workers looked at me like I’d just farted. “Over there,” one of them said in a disgusted voice while waving his hand in a vague direction. Both employees then continued looking at the computer screen. Facebook I’m guessing. Walking away from the counter I knew exactly where the hand had waved -- in the direction of another golf shop.

The second time I went to Dick’s was out of boredom.  My family and I were at the mall shopping and when we passed the Dick’s I told my wife I was going to go check out some golf equipment while she looked at shoes (or something like shoes, it was all a blur at that point). My daughter went with me and we proceeded to go directly to the golf section. Oddly, even though there were customers milling about I noticed there were no sales reps on the floor. But sure enough, there were two sales reps sitting behind the same counter looking at a computer screen. What do they put on the computers at Dick’s anyway? My daughter and I looked around a bit and after a while she took a putter and was messing around on the small putting green in the middle of the showcase. She’s actually a pretty good putter if I say so myself and she certainly wasn’t out of line in anyway. Want to know how to get the attention of a Dick’s employee? Have your kid start putting on the putting green. Within 30 seconds a sales rep was there glaring first at me, then at my daughter, then back at me. Ok. Strike two. I put the golf glove and University of Oregon towel I was going to buy back on their shelves and we left (maybe the employee was an Oregon State fan).

The third time I went to Dick’s was with my wife and daughter. We wanted to buy a golf cart and we knew we were going to spend a few hundred bucks to get a good one. After my last two experiences I was disinclined to go to Dick’s but my wife had a 15% off coupon so we went. Ok, you’re not going to believe me, but once again, we found no sales reps on the floor but one was sitting behind that damn counter. I wanted to ask some questions about the carts before buying one (I have a 2 seat convertible so I wanted to see how compact different models could get and how easy they were to fold and unfold). I went to the counter and I asked the employee if I could get some assistance. The employee was actually friendly and told me to wait by the golf carts and he’d have someone over there shortly. After ten minutes of waiting no one showed up. We left and dropped our 250 bucks elsewhere.

I once went to a restaurant in San Diego called Dick’s. The theme of the restaurant is that they treat you poorly and you throw wadded up papers at the waitresses to get their attention. Being a dick is part of the fun. Apparently Dick’s is bringing this idea to the sporting goods industry. I hope corporate is happy to learn that their employees are living up to their name.  

But even with all that, the next time I hear, “The Big Break is brought to you by Dick’s” I know I’ll chuckle. I just can’t help it.


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Friday, October 21, 2011

Bad Golf Movie

How did this movie ever get released without me in it? How did I not see it? Stay tuned for a review:

handicapped: a documentary about bad golf by West Town Productions


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