Sunday, March 06, 2016

God Bless You Mr. Bowditch

Steven Bowditch has, for the time being, become the Bad Golf blog's favorite golfer. In case you haven't heard, Mr. Bowditch made history this week by shooting a record setting 72-hole score of 325 in the World Golf Championship at Doral. If you're wondering, he posted rounds of 81, 80, 80, and 84. Apparently it was so bad that the standard bearer (the kid's that follow golfers with signs showing their scores) was told not to post his score. It's been over thirty years since a player's posted 4 rounds in the 80s on the PGA tour. 

But, bad golf aside, Mr. Bowditch still managed to bank over $65,000 for the week, and for that, we have to consider him for membership in the Bad Golf Hall-of-Fame. 

According to multiple article's I read about his play, here are some quotes attributed to him:

"I shot 37-over par and still made a paycheck. All's not that bad,"

"No one wants to play that bad, but it's just golf. That's it,"

"I think there was four dozen golf balls at the start of the week in my locker and I'm down to my last one."

I certainly know that feeling. But he's lucky. I usually manage to lose all my balls on the front nine. At least his stash made it 72 holes. 


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