Saturday, September 23, 2006

Golfing With Children

I was going to comment on TC the Terrible’s comment on my last post, but then reconsidered because what I have to say is worthy of another article (BTW, if you get a chance, check out TC’s blog, it is very good).

This post is about golfing with children. And I don’t mean take them out and show them how to swing and have a great day bonding type of golfing with children; I mean sneaking out of the house to get away from the incessant noise and demands type of golfing with children. That is, how to get out there and golf, even though you have other responsibilities. And this, my friends, has been my problem of late.

Here are the problems I’ve faced in trying to get out to the golf course:

  • Work
  • Rain
  • Football (I’m a Seahawks season ticket holder – even though I’m really a Raider fan – so Sundays have been shot).
  • Family (wife and kid) responsibilities
I’m not going to get divorced or lose my job for golf so I can’t do anything about one and four; I’m going to buy some golf rain gear so I should be able to golf in the rain in the near future; and after this Sunday the Seahawks don’t have another home game for three weeks, so that should help as well.

Even with these obstacles (sorry, honey, I didn’t mean to call you an obstacle, but you know what I mean), I’ve found some time to take my clubs out of the trunk, but I’ve had to be creative. I’ve been going to the driving range at lunch but the big bonus was finding an “Executive” course (so called I assume because it has seven par threes, two par fours, and is overpriced) about two miles from my house. This way, I can sneak out of work a little early, play nine holes, and get home before my wife misses me. But here’s the problem:

I’m hitting the ball better than ever!!!

With my new clubs, a few swing adjustments I’ve made from articles I’ve found on the web, and learning how to do a “pitch and run”, my swing is consistent and I’m scoring low. The three times I’ve played this “Executive” course I’ve ended up five over par. For me, that’s fantastic. I was three over the last time I played but I double boogied the ninth after my chip shot from 5 feet off flew over the green. I’ve been hitting better than ever at the driving range as well.

In the past, I might have a good day, but never two in a row. Now I’ve had a half-dozen or more good days in a row without ever stepping on a “real” course. So I’m dying to get out there and see what I can do. I have a feeling that that ninety I’ve been dreaming about is within range.



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