Friday, October 06, 2006

Unplayable Lie

In case you don't read the comments on this site...

First, I suggest you do. I appreciate anyone who leaves a comment and they are all worth reading.

Secondly, in the comments on my post regarding Mitsuhiro Tateyama, Greg from New2Golf mentioned that Tateyama should have declared an unplayable lie. Well, I am a bad golfer and don't know all the rules. If it seems unplayable kick it out and then lie about it. Now that I'm getting better I'm starting to count all my strokes, including out of bounds. So I guess "unplayable lie" will no longer mean If it seems unplayable kick it out and then lie about it.

By the way, if you want to read more about golf, check my blog roll and the sites I mention. They have some great stuff on them. The New2Golf site has an excellant article on beginner's tips, and Golf Nomad has some great videos of Michelle Wei on a Korean TV show that are very funny.




The Instagolfer said...

I've never heard that definition of "unaplayable lie." Very nice!

Eric K said...

Just wanted to let y'all know that I am actually a DISC GOLFER!!! But the BadGolfBlog equally applies! LOVE IT!!!

Ah, the dreaded snowman...

-Eric K

Rob said...

Thanks for the note guys. I like your blog "instagolfer" and Eric, I'm glad you mentioned disk golf. I've been known to throw the disk and time or two. Have played since moving out of cali, but I think I'll check out a Northwest course and write an article here about it.