Tuesday, October 03, 2006

A Snowman's Not So Bad After All

Since this is a blog about bad golf, I'd be remiss to ignore this gem.

Next time you're on the course marking that snowman on your scorecard, think of Mitsuhiro Tateyama. A couple of weeks ago Tateyama, who's ranked 72 on the Japanese tour, was playing in the Acorm International at the at the Ishioka Golf Club. Here's how his hole went in the opening round, on the 225-yard par-three eighth:

Tee shot: ???
2nd shot: Hits the rough on the front of the green.
3rd shot: Opps. Over the green into some bushes. Ouch the ball is stuck in the roots.
4th - 17th: Hacking the ball out of the roots.
Eighteen shot: On the green.
Ninteenth shot: In the hole.

That's right, a 19.

"My mind went completely blank. I just wanted to get the ball out of there."

- Mitsuhiro Tateyama

(I know the feeling Mitsuhiro)

On the bright side, at least he didn't break the JGTO record. That belongs to Norio Suzuki who, at the 1987 Tokai Classic, accidently recorded his ninth hole score as 42 -- now that sounds like something I'd do.




The Armchair Golfer said...

Man, those must of been some tough roots. It reminds me of some of my encounters with ice plant. It doesn't look that bad until you try to hit out of it.

You gotta love the fact that he one-putted for a 19. As horrific as the hole was, at least he managed to save a shot.

Rob said...

That's true, you gotta love the one putt. And it gets even better. He recovered with four birdies in a row to post an 84. You gotta admire that!

Greg said...

At what point in all that hacking do you think he thought, "Should have declared and unplayable lie"?

Just started reading you blog.

It's Bad!



Sean @ Deep Rough said...

Wow..maybe he was just mesmerized by all the colors on his shirt ;)

Golf Nomad said...

you know I think alot of us forgot about the unplayable lie rule when we're blinded by frustration.

Rob said...

Thanks for the comments Greg, Sean, and Nomad. So Nomad, now that I'm getting better I'm starting to count all my shots (and out of bounds penalties) LOL. I'll have to look up the unplayable lie rule. I always thought that meant if its unplayable, kick it to a better position, and then lie about it :).