Monday, July 31, 2006

Good Golfers are Liars!

So, where have I been for 14 months? I hate to admit it but I moved from one of the finest places to play golf, the central coast of California, to one of the wettests places on earth, Vancouver, Washington. In the last 14 months I've: had a baby, quit a job, accepted a new job, moved, bought a house, and suffered through a Northwest winter. But I'm back golfing and writing, so hold on to your hat, here goes:

Good golfers lie. That's it, bottom line. They are big fat liars because they don't want you to become a good golfer. They love laughing at you; they relish ridiculing you; they treasure tormenting you. Trust me, I know, because if I become a good golfer, I will. I'll lie to your face and laugh behind your back. But since you're reading my blog, I'll explain...

After not golfing for over a year I went out and played 9 holes with some people at work. I found that laying off for a year didn't hurt my game at all, as I shot a 67. This isn't including my 3 whiffs on the first tee. It was nice to know that I could quit for a year and start where I left off. The next week I went out for another 9 and shot a fantastic 62. Wow, improvement.

I was playing poker on line and had a run of luck and won some money. So on a whim I decided if I'm going to get back into golf, I'm going to buy some new clubs. What the hell, why not? I've resisted buying new clubs in the past because every time I've read a golf blog or news group regarding clubs all good golfers will jump on the thread and proclaim: "Save your money! Get lessons! Clubs don't matter! Save your money! Get lessons! Clubs don't matter! Save your money! Get lessons!" Clubs don't matter!" Or, for a real fun lie, "I only have a set of 1200 dollar clubs because I can afford it and they're pretty. They don't really help my game." For six years I've believed their lies. I've invested hundreds of dollars on golf lessons, only to see my scores go from the mid-120s to the mid-120s. My goal has always been to break 100. I will admit after some lessons I would see a dip in my score, maybe I'd shoot low 12os. But nothing close to 100.

Still believing the lie, but with some change in my pocket and a "What the hell" attitude, I started researching clubs. After a few days I thought I was going to buy a set of TaylorMade Rac OS2s. I went to 4 golf shops before I found a salesman who seemed to know golf and didn't act annoyed at all my questions. He spent a couple of hours with me and had me try a number of different clubs while taking all kinds of measurements. I ended up purchasing a set of beautiful Callaway Big Bertha '06 irons for about six-hundred bucks. The standard set is 3 - PW, but after some discussion he took out the 3 and threw in the SW.

I went out with my boss on Sunday to play 9. My first outing with my new clubs. I pared the first hole. I shot a 52 while 3 putting 6 times. From 150 yards in I was deadly. My favorite shot was an 8 iron from about 130 yards out. It was an extreme uphill shot, and the green was protected by sand traps. My shot floated beautifully toward the pen, just clearing the traps, and landed "like a butterfly with soar feet" on the green. It gives me chills thinking about it.

I'm going out again today and Wednesday. I'll give you an update. But for now, I can say with some confidence:

Don't believe the good golfers who want to keep kicking your butt on the golf course. CLUBS DO MATTER. Yes, invest in lessons, but get the best clubs you can afford. Trust me, you won't regret it.




Sean @ Deep Rough said...

Congrats, and good luck on continuing the game improvement! The game improvement clubs are definitely extremely helpful, there's nothing like hitting some great shots (like your 8 iron) to get you back into golf quickly!

guyWithAtapInBirdiePutt said...

You write better than you golf... get a new keyboard

RonNL said...

Nice post Rob keep up the good work :)

Anonymous said...

I have to disagree completely. Practice improves your game, not your clubs. Tiger could play your old clubs and probably still shoot under par.

Anonymous said...

I also must disagree. I'm so cheap I went out and bought one of those $120 box sets that comes with everything but the golf balls. I still shoot in the low 80s for 18. I'm not saying that the equipment is irrelevant, but it's not nearly as important as skill. I recommend practicing more or finding a sport where you have more natural talent.

Anonymous said...

I am on the fence so I'll give you two options:
First 'clubs matter'- well if you have a set that was used by someone in the 50's or 60's then yes a newer set would be beneficial.
Second 'clubs don't matter that much'- anyone with a correct golf swing can hit any club generally straight and within a distance that is acceptable.
So, the final answer:
Having a 'great' name brand set of clubs is a benefit if it helps you mentally or if it replaces a torn tattered bent set in your garage.
Having a 'great' name brand set of clubs and not having a good swing will cost you strokes and your hard earned dollars.
So, choose your clubs wisely. A $1000 set of clubs won't help a person with out a swing. But a $300 dollar set of clubs will help a person with a swing and no clubs much more. (little humor there!)