Tuesday, January 11, 2005

You're a Lightweight and So Am I

So, you think you’ve played in some pretty extreme conditions, huh? I know I do. The worst conditions I’ve played in were just a few months ago. The golf course, DeLaveaga, is under construction. Because of this, they told me I could play all day for ten bucks. And because it was raining, I thought I'd play 9, but I couldn't stop. Then after 18, I just had to play another 9. After 27 holes my shoes and pants were caked with mud, my windbreaker was soaked through, but I was in the zone - pounding the ball like never before, and I had the course to myself, so I kept going for another 9, playing a total of 36 holes.

But I’m a light weight.

And so are you.

Unless of course you’ve played in The World Ice Golf Championship in Uummannaq, Greenland.

Which I haven't.

It seems there’s this hotel owner by the name of Arne Neimann in ol’ umm…, umm…, Uummannaq, who thought it might be a good idea to build a golf course among the giant icebergs of Greenland and then, well, why not, hold a tournament. And, as they say, “If you build it, they will come.” And come they have. From all over the world brave golfers ascend to Uummannaq to play in a 36 hole tournament over 2 days some 300 miles north of the polar circle.

The course is a little shorter than most, the holes a little wider, the balls are bright orange, and the greens are not greens at all, but, well, “whites”. Now if you ask me, that's golf to the extreme.

The next World Ice Golf Championship is in March, 2005. Go for it! Maybe some day I will.

If you're interested in more info, check it out by clicking here.




Welcome to the blogsphere, Rob. I just got a sun mountain rainsuit for christmas, but it wont help in greenland...plus I look like a black pillsbury dough boy in it...and I'm thin. The worst thing about it is it stops raining everytime I put in on and starts raining the minute I take it off...oh well...better to have a rain suit and not need it...anyway, I added you to my blogroll for my web log, A walk in the Park - golf travel and course reviews...I hope you'll want to add miine to yours, its http://jayflemma.blogspot.com

All the best,

John S. said...

That's a great picture of the "white". sounds like fun to me.

dave said...

Love that picture on the ice. I have been out almost every week this winter at least once, but never for that many holes, nor in that kind of weather "on ice". I guess I should mention I live in Lady Lake, Florida so I'm not that brave. Stop by our site. WWW.HarborHills.blogspot.com.

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